Is An Active Duty Soldier Considered A Veteran

Military Service – – FEHB law allows employees called to active duty to continue their enrollment for up to 365 days while on military duty. current federal law extends the period of FEHB eligibility an additional 12 months, during which the reservist is responsible for paying both the agency and employee shares of the premium, plus an additional 2 percent.

When Are You Considered a Veteran of the Military? – In order to be eligible for the majority of these benefits, one must qualify as a veteran and accumulate a certain number of active duty service hours, and be on active duty for a minimum of 24 months or a "full period" or active duty.

Choosing whether to enlist as an active duty or reserve duty service member is one of the primary choices that will shape your military career. 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Active or Reserve.

Do Military Retirees Have Any Authority Over Active Duty Soldiers? – A retired member of the military may be tempted to give orders to active duty military personnel, but once retired, a former officer or soldier has no authority over current members in the military..

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What is a Veteran? The Legal Definition – – They talk about Active Duty, National Guard and Army Reserve Service, but don’t speak to whether a person who was a member of the National Guard or Army Reserve never serving on Active Duty is considered a veteran or not.

I am an Active Duty service member – US Department of. – I am an Active Duty service member. The veterans benefits administration offers a wide-variety of benefits and services to service members. national guard and Reserve members with active service may also qualify for a variety of VA benefits. See our National Guard and Reserve page for more information about these benefits.

Tax Considerations for Active Duty Military – The Tax Adviser – Active duty members of the U.S. armed forces have special tax considerations for both state and federal purposes. As a military spouse, the author has experienced three combat tours, military moves, and orders stationing her and her husband outside of their resident state. This item is intended to.

Active Duty A Veteran Considered An Is Soldier – No, a soldier on active duty(to include Reservist or National Guard) is not yet considered a veteran, because he or she has not been discharged or retired from the US Military, and the military don t know what type of discharge they will receive until they do.