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How to Revive Your Credit Score after a Short Sale | Fox Business – More and more homeowners are turning to short sales on their homes in order to avoid foreclosure, but a short sale can be almost as damaging to your credit score as a foreclosure. Here’s how to.

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How does selling a house affect your credit? – myFICO Forums. – So will getting rid of my house help my credit or leave it about the same? If I am about to buy my new car should I wait till after I sell my house to that amount is off my credit or before so I am still a home owner in the system. To me I would think help because then I wouldn’t have that $200k on my credit score.

Effect of a Short Sale on Your Credit Score – Five Cent Nickel – Have you ever wondered what effect a short sale has on your credit score? Well, former FCN staff writer matt jabs now knows the answer. Matt and his wife recently completed a short sale of their primary residence, selling their place for about $50k less than the purchase price, ultimately suffering a loss of ca. [.]

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Short Sale vs Foreclosure: What's the Difference? – ValuePenguin – The biggest consequence of a short sale will be the negative impact on the seller's credit score. You will also be unable to apply for new mortgage financing for a.

Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure – Better Credit Blog – If you sell a property using a short sale, how does this affect your credit score? How many pionts will it reduce your score? Would I be better off credit-wise by just letting the house go into foreclosure? Thanks! My Response. Dear [name removed], A short sale will destroy your credit – anywhere from 50 – 100 points.

Which Is Worse for Your FICO Score: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure. – The impact that foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, or loan modification has on your score depends on your credit history and how the lender reports the event to the credit reporting agencies. In general, if your score is high to begin with, each of these options will cause a deeper dip in your score than if your score started out on the low side.